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Mapper has developed a new, patented technology for making chips without a mask and using electron beams. This approach enables improved performance and reduces costs. The company´s major innovation is the use of one system through which more than 10,000 parallel electron beams can pass. MAPPER uses fibre-optics, which is capable of transporting a large quantity of information.


‘Writing’ circuits on to silicon wafers with electron beams can be compared with the way in which an image is formed in the cathode ray tubes of old televisions. In a television an electron beam is moved rapidly across the screen. As the electrons come into contact with the screen, which is coated with light-emitting material, a picture forms. In the MAPPER machine, by contrast, the image is not made visible but, as it were, stored in a film that is sensitive to electrons.


Mapper has published a large number of papers on its technology. Most of them can be found through the SPIE website,

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