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Arthur del Prado


Mr. del Prado passed away on 9 September 2016, his entrepreneurship, long term vision and confidence in the Mapper team remain decisive for our development. We are greatly indebted to him. To remember the great impact he has on our industry ASMI has put his obituary on their website.

Michael J.C. van Galen


Mr Michael J.C. van Galen (1943) studied Dutch Law (MD ) at the Utrecht University and the Rotterdam Erasmus University. After a short time been active as a company lawyer he was appointed as managing director of the real estate development company and the real estate division of an international operating construction company (Bredero N.V.). In 1987 he was appointed as CEO of Breevast N.V., an international operating and publicly traded real estate development and investment company in receivership. He executed a radical reorganization program so Breevast N.V. could make a new start in 1989. After the delisting of the company on 31 December 1999 he resigned as CEO and became active as board member of different companies in the field of construction, real estate, industrial production, social housing and financial services. He also was active as Board member of Non-profit Cultural organizations.

Pieter Kruit


Pieter Kruit (1953) is professor of physics at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He has had a chair in charged particle optics since 1989. He is (co-)author of 150+ publications in refereed international journals, author of 40+ international patents, and supervisor of 25+ PhD dissertations. His research is mostly related to the development of electron- and ion-optical instruments. Among others, he has had research programs on nm-resolution electron spectroscopy, developments of low energy-spread electron- and ion sources and multi-beam optics for microscopy and lithography. Based upon his work in electron lithography, he co-founded MAPPER Lithography in the year 2000 together with two of his graduates.

Vasily Kostyanovskiy


Vasily Kostyanovskiy (1976) holds a MBA degree in Innovation investment projects management from Academy of National Economy at Russian Government. In 1998 graduated from Chemical dept., Moscow State University, specialized in organic chemistry. Vasily works for Rusnano in position of senior investment officer and represents RUSNANO in the boards of directors of several portfolio companies: Rusalox llc (Israeli-Russian manufacturer of substrates with high thermal conductivity for LEDs), RMT ltd (Russian manufacturer of thermoelectric micro coolers), Bind Rus llc and Selecta Rus llc and ECM llc, a Russian manufacturer of electrochemical machining tools. He previously worked as Deputy general director and investment director for Russian $100M VC fund Bioprocess Capital Partners.

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